Jawbone UP24

We call it 24 because it gives you 24 hours of insights and motivations to reach goals, and go beyond them. The ultimate goal of design at Jawbone is to make technology disappear, to craft all-day wearability that expresses personal style and fashion, and to turn the data collected into true insights people can change their lives with. One of our target insights is that people can't get enough info about themselves. UP24’s advantage is that from micro information to macro insights, 24/7 engagement can give you personal, on-the-spot, feedback that motivates you towards your goal.


The pace and habits of modern life are taking their toll on global health. With the UP platform, Jawbone and fuseproject saw an opportunity to bring greater self awareness and guidance (through wearable technology) to help people see and improve their habits for better health and well-being.

To establish the original UP platform, we took a broad view of the competitive landscape across a range of solutions for better exercise, sleep and eating habits. We spoke to experts about motivation, understanding and impact, and developed a strategic brand platform and experience principles to help create a solution with broad relevance and aspirational appeal.

The UP and UP24 offering have garnered widespread acclaim, and are at the forefront of the growing “quantified self” movement. The platform is a tremendous market success, as demonstrated by an unparalleled engagement of users with the application.


For Jawbone’s first health and wellness offering, we needed to develop a brand expression based on credibility and trust. We started with the name: UP—optimistic and aspirational, yet bold and intentional. We extended the same principles to the design and crafted a system that drives equity back to the Jawbone brand, while establishing a strong autonomous identity for UP. Consistent with the rest of the Jawbone products, the most important components of the brand expression are color, textures and materials. The packaging system is an intrepid expression of all of the above. We used vibrant color gradients to highlight customization, innovative eco-friendly materials to reduce waste, and created a packaging paradigm that captures light to maximize shelf presence.


We spent time crafting a new texture inspired by the circadian rhythms of life and transitions from night to day to night. It is expressed as a wave from that changes frequency and direction as it travels around the surface of the band. It’s about the fluid transition in your day, and the obvious connection between what happens throughout the day and night, and how it affects how we feel. UP is a simple loop that you wear on your wrist, like a wedding ring for yourself that symbolizes a promise made to oneself.


We deliberately crafted a design without the distraction of a display, giant logos, or blinking lights: all the excitement and actionable data is on your phone, ready when you want it. We want to engage deeper, beyond the superficial gadgetry that creates short terms excitement.



  • IDEA Awards

    • Bronze – Packaging, UP24, 2014
    • Finalist – Personal Accessories, UP24, 2014
  • Dieline Awards

    • Sustainability Award – Sustainable Packaging, 2014
  • Wallpaper* Design Awards

    • UP by Jawbone, 2012
  • CES Innovation Awards

    • Health and Wellness - UP by Jawbone, 2012

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