MISSION: Ride The Wind

MISSION: Ride The Wind

We’re excited to be featured in “Electric Revolution”, a historic survey of electric motorbikes currently running at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. The world’s first exhibit of its kind features the MISSION, a fuseproject-designed electric motorcycle, which is now on display alongside groundbreaking bikes from brands like Cake, Samuel Aguiar and Ted7. The show will run through November 24, 2019,

When fuseproject partnered with Mission One to design a sustainable motorcycle, our goal was to create something iconic with a new, first-in-class motorcycle that would set the MISSION apart and make a statement all its own.

“Riding the Wind” was the inspiration we had in mind early, imagining how it would feel to ride the MISSION. How could this concept be both effectively engineered and beautifully translated?

The top portion of the motorcycle is an iconic continuous line that combines comfort and performance: the riderʼs chest is cradled in a convex tank area allowing a lower position, the seat and tail-light integrated into one lightweight dynamic line. Designed to express speed and efficiency in its overall sharp lines, the MISSION bike is highly detailed with special attention given to a rider’s needs, bringing a high level of product design and ergonomics to a new generation of performance transportation.

Check out the exhibit for a unique perspective on the history and current state of the electric industry, as imagined through the vision of designers’ ultra-stylish, contemporary designs that point the way to the future.

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(Exhibition photos credit: @Ted7)

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